Rules for October Iron Fest

October Iron Fest LogoThe rules for the upcoming October Iron Fest are now available for your perusal. They are almost identical to the ones used in the meet I put on in April. The changes include:

  • Singlets are not required. Shorts and t-shirt are okay for this meet. I argued in favor of singlets, but was voted down. Next time…
  • Shins still need to be protected with long socks for the deadlift. Tights or sweat pants will also be permitted. However, don’t wear sweatpants. Just get the socks, or wear tights. The judges cannot really see if your knees are locked out in sweats. This is another one where I was voted down.
  • If you are on the edge of a weight class and need to strip down to make weight, we will assign a sex-appropriate official to weigh you in a private location.

The meet is now sold out. Thank you to everyone who registered.