Australian Starting Strength Camps

Carl Squatting While Being Coached by JordanJordan Feigenbaum and I are going to visit Australia this January to hold a series of extended Starting Strength Camps. While camps normally cover one or two lifts, we will be spending approximately eight hours to go over the squat, press, and deadlift at each workshop. The hallmarks of Starting Strength instruction are the excellent quality of coaching and the favorable trainee-to-coach ratio. This tradition is continued with our Australian camps. We will go over the reasons why we teach the lifts as we do and then we will coach you on the platform to reinforce the material. The camps are mix of focused lecture, demonstration, and lifting. We limit the camps to sixteen attendees to make sure that you get plenty of attention on the platform. Every work set on every lift will get coached. You will walk out the door a better lifter than you walked in.

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