October Iron Fest – A Starting Strength Event

Pre-SquatI am going to be holding another strengthlifting meet at CrossFit Oakland’s Emeryville location on Saturday, October 25th. Details and a full set of rules specific to this competition will follow.  However, the same basic rules from the previous meet will apply. Lifters will have three attempts to establish a one-repetition maximum for the squat, press, and deadlift. The cost for the meet is $60 and that includes a t-shirt that may or may not have a dinosaur on it.

Sign Up Here for the Meet

There is a twist, however.  Starting Strength coaches from across the US and Canada will be holding a meet with the same rules on the same Saturday, too.  Not only will you be able to compete against those who show up in Emeryville, but you will have your results combined with meets taking place at the following gyms:

More details will be published in the coming days and weeks. The meet back in April was a big success and I am looking forward to holding this one. I do not know of many powerlifting federations, if any, that have held meets around the US  and Canada at the same time and combined their results, either. The rules governing this meet were developed by Mark Rippetoe and are taking place under the aegis of Starting Strength. It is not sanctioned by any powerlifting federation, nor is there any federation card to purchase. I look forward to seeing you in October.