Oakland Strengthlifting Meet Results

Strengthlifting Meet LogoThe Oakland Strengthlifting Meet has drawn to a close. We had 30 competitors vying for a chance to walk home with a stuffed dinosaur. At the end of the day, Sean Stangl and Kristy Hawkins earned the highly sought-after prizes. A full set of results are available below:

Oakland Strengthlifting Meet 2014 Results PDF

A sincere thanks to my loaders, judges, and volunteers who ensured the meet moved along so smoothly. Also, thank you to everyone who signed up and lifted on Sunday. With some luck perhaps we can all get together and do this again.

Meet Schedule and Lot Numbers


In just a few days, thirty-two individuals will square off to determine who will walk away with a stuffed dinosaur.  A video will be forthcoming, perhaps today or tomorrow going over a few things about how the meet will flow along with a reminder on some of the rules.

The general schedule will be as follows:

07:30 – Doors Open
08:00 – Weigh In Commences by Lot Number
09:15 – Rules Briefing
09:30 – Warm ups begin, Judges and Spotters Meeting
10:00 – Lifting commences
12:00 – Yep, still lifting
15:00 – Probably getting closer to done
16:00 – Probable awards ceremony

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First Prize

T. Rex
To the victors go the spoils

The 2014 Oakland Strengthlifting Meet is a little over a week away. There will be six awards given to lifters.  The best male and female lifters calculated from the Wilks formula will walk home with the gentleman pictured above.  Best lifters in the lightweight/heavyweight divisions for men and women will also receive awards.

There will be traditional weight classes for men and women as outlined in the rules and winners from each weight class will be announced. However, no physical awards will be handed out for the weight classes. Bragging rights will be their own reward.

The meet sold out a week or two ago. Thank you to everyone who registered. I am looking forward to it.