Oakland Strengthlifting Meet 2014 Rules

Oakland SkylineThe rules for the upcoming Strengthlifting Meet taking place at CrossFit Oakland this April 13th are now available and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Special thanks to Mark Rippetoe for providing the original set of rules and for allowing me to use them as the basis for this meet.

Oakland Strengthlifting Meet Rules

Some notable points for competitors:

  • There will be a two hour weigh-in.
  • Weightlifting singlets with tshirts underneath are required for the squat and press.
  • For the deadlift, weightlifting singlets and socks that completely cover the shin to just below the knee are required. If you are warm and would rather not deadlift with a tshirt, it is not required for this lift. If you do not have socks that come up to below the knee, you will not be allowed to deadlift.
  • Shoes of any sort are required equipment for lifting. Deadlift slippers will be allowed, too. Deadlifting in only socks or bare feet will not be permitted.
  • All deadlifts will need to pulled conventionally, with the feet inside of the hands. No sumo deadlifting in this meet.
  • Belts, wrist wraps and knee sleeves will be permitted. Knee wraps, elbow wraps, squat suits, or other supportive gear will not be permitted.
  • There will be no commands from the judges to start, press, rack, or lower the bar. In fact, the judges will not participate in the lifts in any way. You will be responsible for starting and ending the lifts under control and obeying the rules of the competition. The judges will simply give a thumbs up or a thumbs down after the lift is completed.
  • The meet will be conducted in pounds with the exception of the weigh-in, which will be in kilos.
  • Minimum increases for the squat and deadlift attempts will be 5 pounds.
  • Minimum increases for the press attempts will be 2.5 pounds.

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